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Mergent Online


Mergent Online is an excellent resource to use especially if you're looking for information on businesses or industries. Types of things you can find in Mergent include:

  • Detailed company information
  • Country profiles
  • Government Filings (including SEC filings)
  • Bond information
  • Economic statistics
  • Industry reports
  • Related independent research

Use the tabs at the top of the homepage to help you navigate the database and find what you're looking for!

Mergent homepage search tabs screenshot

This guide will help you get a broad sense of what you can do in Mergent, but because there is so much you can do, it won't go through everything.

So please! Explore Mergent! Read the information! Look at the tabs! Click on random things! And if you have questions that can't be answered here (or in the links at the bottom of the page), don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help. 

Company Information

Probably the most helpful resources for you in Mergent are its company information pages. These have all sorts of helpful tools and links and information. I really encourage you to look around these pages, and take your time reading and exploring them, as I don't have the space here to cover every single detail.

That said, you can find so much information here, including:

  • basic company information,
  • executives' information,
  • economic trends,
  • competitors (with links to their own pages),
  • financial ratios,
  • government filings, and
  • news.

To find a company page, you can use the Basic Search, Advanced Search, D&B 20 M Plus Private Company Search, or the Executive Search, depending on what kind of company you're looking for and what kind of information you have about said company already. Probably the easiest way to find your company page is to just use the basic search. Here is what the basic search looks like:

Mergent basic search screenshot


You can type in either the name of the company or its ticker - so feel free to look up the ticker via Google if you're not sure what the full proper title of the company is. Sometimes there are multiple companies with similar titles, so it's helpful if you know which one you're looking for.

A set of suggestions will appear once you start typing - the best way to get what you need is to just click on the company you know you want to look at. If you don't there's an intermediary result page that you'll just have to choose from to get to the page you need.

You'll know you've gotten to the right place when your page looks like this:

Mergent company page screenshot


From here, click on the tabs and sub-headings to find information you want.

You can also download any data into an Excel spreadsheet if you'd like - just click on the Excel icon on the right. You can also see a printer friendly version if you'd like.

Other than that, look around, click links, see where the database can take you. There's an overwhelming amount of amazing information in here.

That being said, though, if you're having trouble or you are feeling overwhelmed with Mergent, please come find a librarian and we'll help you get what you need!

Country Profiles

Mergent Online has some amazing international information, which is compiled into PDF reports they call "Country Profiles". 

For each country, they will have detailed information on:

  • Economic Overview
  • Industry
  • Securities Trade
  • Geography and History
  • People
  • Government
  • Communications
  • Media
  • Transportation

This is an excellent resource for more than just broad economic/business information and will give you excellent context and background information on the country in question.

To find these reports, simply select a country from the dropdown list from the Basic Search page (in the bottom right corner):

Mergent search country profile screenshot

Once you've selected a country, the PDF of the report will automatically download and display, giving you a page that looks a bit like this:

Mergent country profile screenshot


Each section is only a couple pages, and gives incredibly useful information in easy to read tables.

Industry Reports

Another type of report you can find is an industry report. These will give you information concerning:

  • Current Environment
  • Industry Profile
  • Market Trends & Outlook
  • Key References

Industry reports are organized by date, industry name, and geographic area. You can also search for industry reports that are connected to a certain company (or a certain industry of a certain company, if it is particularly wide-ranging). To access these, click on the Industry Analysis tab:

Mergent Industry Analysis search screenshot


Type in your company name, and/or choose dates, industry names, and region. If you leave any of the boxes blank, Mergent will search for all.

When you're ready, click the search button at the very bottom of the page (it's small). And your results will look something like this:

Mergent Industry analysis results screenshot


From here, you can see some basic information about each report returned:

  • Date created,
  • Name,
  • Brief description,
  • Region,
  • Industry name,
  • View as HTML, and
  • View as PDF

Find the report you'd like to read, then click either the View link or the PDF icon. Both will give you the exact same information, the layout is just a little different. 

An HTML report looks like this:

Mergent Industry Report HTML screenshot

This screen is responsive, so the box will look slightly different depending on how large your screen is. To get from one section to another, click the links at the top of the page.


Your other choice is to download a PDF, which looks like this:

Mergent Industry Report PDF screenshot

This one looks much nicer, but is a PDF, so isn't quite as flexible. But as you can see, the table of contents is on the left side of the first page. You'll have to scroll to get to what parts you want to read, but look at how pretty!

And voila! You've found and read an industry report!