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Business Insights: Global

Company Search

There are two places where you can do a Company Search in Business Insights: Global.

The first is from the homepage. This is especially helpful if you already know the name of the company you want to research.

The second is the "Company Finder" search. This is helpful if you know details about the company (location, revenue numbers, NAICS code, number of employees, etc.) but not necessarily the name.


From the Homepage:

The homepage will look like this:

Business Insights homepage screenshot

In the search box right in the middle of the page, just start typing the name of the company you want to see.

NOTE: you can search for other things in this box by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting a different search option. The Company search is the default search, though.

You can select the company from the auto-filler that will appear, or you can just type in what you'd like and click the orange "Search" button.

Your results will look a bit like this:

Business Insights results screenshot

From here, click on the name of the company you'd like to research. The names will be at the top of each entry in large, bolded letters.


Company Finder

To use the Company Finder search, go the top menu and click on "Companies", then select the first option, "Company Finder". Your screen will then look like this:

Business Insights company finder search screenshot

From here, use the options on the left side of the page to create a list of companies. You can organize this list by Name, Location, Employees, or Revenue.

Click on the name of the company you want to look at further.


Company Profile Documents

Once you click on a company title - from either search - you will see a page that looks a bit like this:

Business Insights company page screenshot

From here, take the time to explore all the information. At the top is basic information about revenue and the industry. There's a brief business description, contact information, variant names, historical revenue numbers, etc.

And then on the left side of the page are 2 boxes: Company Information and Related Articles by Subject. 

  • Company Information: this is where you'll find articles detailing far more information about your company in other sources - look for articles in scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, market share reports, etc.
  • Related Articles by Subject: this is where you'll search by subject. If you want to learn more about a company's finances, click on that link and Business Insights will run a search returning all articles about this company and that particular subject.


To download and cite your articles, see more below.

Case Studies

According to Business Insights, case studies "illustrate a business situation and teach practical business skills and decision-making strategies" (from the Case Studies landing page). These are helpful if you are looking for management advice, articles about trends in specific companies, or data done in studies about a company. When you click on Case Studies in the top menu, your screen will look like this:

Business Insights case studies search screenshot


To search through these studies, use the search box on the left hand side to type in a trend or company you want to research (it's outlined in red above). 

You can also filter your results by full text, peer-reviewed, publication date, related subjects, or publication title using the categories below the search box.

To see a case study, click on the title of the one you'd like to read. The next page will look basically like your standard article. See below for information on how to download and cite your article once you find it.

Downloading and Citing Articles

In the top right corner of every article in Business Insight, there will be a tiny menu that looks like this:

Business Insights tiny menu screenshot


From this menu you can: 

  • Save (star) - mark this article to read later (find again by clicking on the "Saved Items" tab at the top of the page)
  • Print Preview (printer) - print your article by clicking this button and then the print link in the top right
  • Download (multiple rectangles)
  • Cite (notebook) 
  • Share - link to this article or share to social media



  • Click on the button that looks like a series of rectangles (third from the left).
  • A box will appear that will instruct you to choose a file format (these options will vary depending on the article).
  • Choose the format you'd like by click on the circle next to that option.
  • Click "Download" at the bottom of the box.



  • Click on the button that looks like a spiral-bound notebook (fourth from the left)
  • A box will appear that looks like this:
  • Business Insights cite box screenshot
  • Click on the style you'd like, or select which citation manager you'd like to send the information to
  • Click "Download"
  • If you selected either APA or MLA, an HTML file will download and you can copy and paste that citation into your document

NOTE: Double check the citation to make sure the information and formatting is correct!!! Our databases pull information automatically from places it thinks the information should be and may not be able to format it correctly. Always always check the citation given to you by the database against the regulations given in the respective handbook for your citation style.

If you have any questions about citing sources, you can check out our Research Guide on the topic.