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BioOne Homepage screenshot


The hardest part about searching in BioOne is finding the right box. It's very small and in the top right corner of the page. There's a small search box, and then a link underneath that says "Advanced Search". Type a term into the box or click the link to get started!


BioOne Advanced Search screenshot

On the left side of the page are your search options (outlined in red). Type your terms into the box below the kind of information you'd like to search by. BioOne conveniently lists what each of these mean (which I have replicated below):

  • Author: searches for the last name (and, optionally, initials) of the article or chapter's author. A search in this field will not find authors cited in the article.
  • Article or Chapter Title: searches words (and their stem-related cognates) in the article title.
  • Abstract: searches text in the abstract of the article or chapter
  • All: searches text found anywhere in the full-length article or chapter
  • DOI: searches for the full DOI of an article.
  • Figure & Table Captions: searches all captions associated with article or chapter images, figures, and tables.


If you are just looking to do a regular keyword search, put your terms in "All"


You can also choose to filter your results before you search:

  • All Content in BioOneOnly content I can access, and Select Title(s) allows you to choose what journals will come up in your results.
    • Note: Geisel Library has access to everything in BioOne, so you can probably leave this at "All Content in BioOne".
  • Date Range allows you to customize the years the articles were published.

When you're ready, click the gray "Search" button on the left side of the page (below the filters)!

Reading Results and Articles


Once you've hit Search, your results page will look like this:

BioOne results screenshot

On the left are all of your advanced searching categories again, as well as the same filters from before. You can add search terms and change your filters if you'd like - it will store all of the words you've already typed in.

In the center of the page are your results - the title of the article is in larger bolded font at the top, and each entry is separated by a thin grey line. 

To actually read an article, you'll have to click on the "Full Text" link at the bottom of the entry. (Clicking the title will not do anything.) You can also click on the "Abstract & References" link or the "PDF" Link if you'd prefer. 




Once you've clicked on "Full Text", your page will look like this:

BioOne Article screenshot


Your citation information will be at the top of the page above the article title (which is in large letters and bolded). BioOne will not format citations for you, so you'll have to do this step yourself.

To download a PDF, go to the top right corner under "Article Views" and click "PDF" (third from the top).

To see other related articles, use the "Related Article Search" to select the subjects you want to search, then click the gray "Search" button at the bottom of the box to run a new search (in the same tab, so be careful you don't lose your article in this process!). You can search through BioOne, PubMed, or Google Scholar with these.

To find sources that cite this article, scroll down and on the right you'll see a box that says "Citing Articles" (not shown here). You can search Google Scholar or Crossref by just clicking on the links.