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Film Studies: Selected Websites

A research guide to Film Studies resources at Geisel Library and online.

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Selected Film Associations

Selected Critical Websites: General

Selected Critical Websites: American Films

Selected Critical Websites: Animation

Selected Critical Websites: Documentaries

Selected Critical Websites: History Films

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New Media, Digital Media, and Moving Images

  • Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive
    Moving Image archive from the Internet Archive
  • Internet Archive: Prelinger Archives
    Over 2,000 "ephemeral" training, advertising, amateur, educational, industrial films from the Library of Congress, collected by Rick Prelinger.
  • Moving Image Collections (Library of Congress)
    Lets you discover, locate, and even (in some cases) view moving images from around the world. From the Library of Congress.
  • The Open Video Project
    Shared Digital Video Collection; mostly documentary and educational, but the "Ephemeral" Category has quite a bit of advertising, public service, etc: 1955 Chevrolet Screen Ads, About Bananas, Act Your Age, About Fallout.
  • Rhizome | ArtBase
    "Founded in 1999, the Rhizome ArtBase is an online archive of new media art containing some 2110 art works, and growing. The ArtBase encompasses a vast range of projects by artists all over the world that employ materials including software, code, website
  • Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art: Resources
    Extensive list of new media archives and sites, from the Rose Goldsen Archive at Cornell University Libraries.
  • UbuWeb
    Has been called the "Avant-Garde YouTube." Issues of the magazines Dada and Aspen, sound, video, documentaries about artists, etc.