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Citing Sources: Formatting Reference Lists and Footnotes

This guide offers resources to help you document the sources you're citing in your research papers and projects.


Formatting Citations in Documents

Whatever citation style you are using for your paper, you will need to know the formatting expectations for your entire document, including for sections such as the Reference List (Bibliography, Works Cited) and Footnotes/Endnotes. Here we are talking about required line spacing, indentations, footnotes, page numbers, and margin settings, rather than if the date comes after the author's name in the citation. To find this information, you will need to consult resources for the citation style you are using. We have online access to many of the manuals and other sites that provide this information for you. Below are some links to the most common citation styles and their general formatting requirements.

This tutorial focuses on how to manipulate the software you are using (ie Word or Google Docs) to do what you require for correct document formatting. Once you know WHAT type of formatting you need, this tutorial can help show you HOW to achieve that format in your paper.