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Mariology: Intro

Supporting TH299 and TH401 with Prof. Patricia Sullivan


This library "Course Guide" will assist you with the best resources for doing research in Mariology - those aspects of Christian theology dealing with Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of Jesus, also known as Saint Mary, the Blessed Virgin, and many other titles.  

If you need in-depth assistance or have questions about any of the resources mentioned in this library guide, please contact John Dillon, the subject librarian for Theology.  Feel free to also inquire with any Geisel Librarian (chat, zoom, etc) using the "Ask a Librarian" links at the bottom lower right side.

Contents of this Guide

To use this Guide, follow the horizontal blue tabs above across the top, from left to right.  Each of these is a separate page of Tools/Links in logical order:


Define Your Topic

Background Info.

Find Books

Find Articles

Church Teaching

Citing Sources

Simply a Reminder - "Doing Honest Work in College" for academic success!

How can I avoid accidentally plagiarizing when I write my paper?

Even if you don't mean to plagiarize, you can do so accidentally. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Know when to cite. Some things, like your own ideas or common knowledge, don't need to be cited. But most other things do.
  • Organize your research. Keep track of the sources you take notes from, and make it clear if you're writing something down word-for-word.
  • Use and cite sources correctly. Make sure to give credit to your sources, represent their ideas accurately, and cite them correctly.
    • Summarizing: In your own words, this expresses the main points of a source or part of a source, which must be cited.
    • Paraphrasing: More than simply changing a few words, this restates or recasts an idea from a source in your own voice, your language, and in a context that assists the purpose of your paper. You must properly cite the source.
    • Quoting: When the specific wording from a source is important to include in your paper, you may select a very brief passage, sentence, phrase or term and include it in quotations marks. You must properly cite the source.
    • Citing: Follow the citation style (such as MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE) required by your professor to properly cite your sources in-text and in your full bibliography.

Condensed from our Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Tutorial:

For help with citing sources, see our separate Research Guide:

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