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Nursing: Evidence Based Research

Looking for nursing information resources? Find books, websites, and other links here to help you start your research.

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What is evidence-based nursing?

Definition: Nursing practice that bases clinical decisions on research, clinical expertise, patient choices, and critical evaluation of the (journal) literature. (CINAHL)

What are the levels of evidence?

Levels of Evidence

Evidence-Based Practice in the Health Sciences: Evidence-Based Nursing Tutorial. Information Services Department of the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago.

What is PICO and why would I use it?

If you choose:

Too Narrow a Topic
Will give you few articles or web pages.

Too Broad a Topic
Will give you too many articles or web pages to sift through. But, a broad search of the literature may actually help you narrow your search - it'll give you ideas on different aspects of your research question.

Putting what you're interested in into the PICO format might help you with your research question.

P - Population - as in what population will you be studying. children, adults, teens...?
I - Intervention - as in a drug therapy or treatment. 
C - Comparison - as in comparing the intervention with a different drug therapy, treatment, etc.
O - Outcome - as in did the intervention provide relief?

For Example:

You're interested in finding some articles/web pages on diabetes as it relates to obesity.

Maybe you're really interested in diabetes in obese children ages 6-12.
And, maybe you're interested in how to treat diabetes in obese children - diet, medication, or weight loss...
In children, is the diabetes eliminated once the child is no longer obese? Or does the child continue to have diabetes?

Play around with your topic and research question until it fits what you're looking for.

How do I find systematic reviews not available in a library database?

What resources are available to help me implement evidence-based nursing practice?