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Zotero User Guide: Getting Started

A Guide to using Zotero to manage references and help you create citations and bibliographies in your papers

1. Getting Started

Getting Started with the Basics

The first step is to register for a new account. 

Use your personal email account to register. Do not use your Saint Anselm email. Using your Anselm email will not allow you to install and use the Chrome extension. 

2. Downloading Zotero

Once you have registered an account, download Zotero and install the Zotero Chrome Connector for your browser. 

You will see the Zotero extension appear in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome webpage. This extension is crucial to saving sources within Zotero. 

3. Saving Sources

Save sources by selecting the Chrome extension for Zotero. The extension will say the sources is saved to your Library.

If you have already set up folders within the Zotero Library, you can select the drop down arrow and save the source to a specific folder. Otherwise, the source is saved alongside your other sources in the Library.


4. Managing Your Sources

Manage your sources by opening the Zotero app on your desktop. 

Create folders to organize sources (This is especially helpful for separating different classes or assignments). The folders appear on the left-hand side. 

The source appears in the center of the page. Selecting the source will bring you back to the website or database where you found the source. Some formats, like PDFs may allow you to read the source directly with the Zotero app. 

The right-hand side shows the source's information, like date of publication, author, and URL. 

More Features

In just a few short steps you are now able to save and organize sources within Zotero! 

Use this citation management tool to collaborate with shared libraries, create in-text citations and bibliographies, and more! For step-by-step instructions on how to create citations, check out the next page for tutorial videos!