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2023-2024 Big Thought Series


In the course of our lives, all of us imagine and participate in various kinds of work and rest and play. Cultures across the world have described and fostered the expectations of these two human activities in a variety of different ways throughout history. In his Rule for Monks, Saint Benedict encourages his followers towards ora et labora, a life balanced by work and prayer. Yet few of us today feel we are achieving a “work-life balance” that approaches this monastic ideal. And for the millions in the world who struggle to attain basic sustenance, such balance is illusory.

This series will help all of us to reflect upon the nature of labor and leisure in our own lives; to consider how our culture has shaped our understanding of how we work and play, and to reflect upon how we might better balance these two parts of our humanity.

All programs of the Gregory J. Grappone Humanities Institute are free and open to the public and may be attended in person in the McCready Event Space in the Jean Student Center or via Zoom.

Called to Work and Called to Play:
Labor and Leisure as the Heart of Vocation


Dr. David S. Cunningham , Professor of Theology, Aquinas College
Executive Director, Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education

NetVUE is a program of the Council of Independent Colleges,
supported by member dues and by the generosity of Lilly Endowment, Inc.