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Poetry Month!: Home

April is National Poetry Month! Join us (online) for some poetic fun.

It's April- and that means POETRY!

Geisel Library's Online National Poetry Month 












Hello and welcome to April- otherwise known as National Poetry month! Geisel is working extra hard to bring you an online version of our usual Poetry Month shenanigans. Feel free to check out some of the fun activities below!

We'd love to see your creations on social media - share them with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook by tagging the @GeiselLib or using the hashtag #GeiselPoetryMonth.

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Blackout Poetry

There's something viscerally satisfying about scribbling over something to make something new! The bonus of doing this online is- no wrecked books! Show us your creations- draw from public domain books or even library newsletters!

Emoji Poetry

emoji poetry

Can you parse these cryptic pictographic poems? Or perhaps...even make one of your own?

Magnetic Poetry

Do you miss Geisel's yearly tradition of breaking out the magnetic poetry? Expressing yourself with a pile of pre-generated words, just waiting for you arrange them into art? We do too- that's why we found this wonderful online way to play. Check it out here!

Daily Poetry

Check out these various poetry outlets for your daily fix:

Poem of the Day from the Poetry Foundation features a poem from their vast archives of poetry.

Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets features contemporary and living poets during the week and classic/dead poets on the weekends.

Poetry Daily publishes work from contemporary poets, both established and emerging, every day on their website.