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Misinformation vs Disinformation

What is the difference?

Misinformation: False or inaccurate information, and umbrella term for any source getting the facts wrong. May or may not be intentional.

Disinformation: False or inaccurate information with the deliberate intention of deceiving or misleading others. Always intentional. 

All disinformation is misinformation, but not all misinformation is disinformation. Learn more about the difference from the American Psychological Association


Welcome to the Misinformation Guide!

Misinformation has been around for a while (for example, Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast "The War of the Worlds," and the satirical news organization The Onion, founded in 1988), but certain kinds have more recently come into widespread discussion. What is misinformation, disinformation, and how can we detect it?  This guide is designed to help answer those questions. 

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