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Graduate & Law School: Senior Year

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Preparing for Law School as an Undergraduate

What to do your Senior year:

  1. By August: register to take or re-take the LSAT in October.
  2. September-October
    • Send transcripts to CAS.
    • Obtain application materials.
    • Update your resume (work with the Career Development Center on this).
    • Decide on safety, comprehensive, and reach schools.
    • Schedule and appointment with faculty members writing your recommendation letters and distribute recommendation forms and deadline information.
    • Attend the Law School Forum in Boston.
    • Write a draft of your personal statement.
    • Take or re-take the LSAT.
    • Continue studying.
    • Visit schools if you have a chance.
  3. November-January
    • Make final revisions to your personal statement.
    • Complete and submit your application s(November 1 - December 1).
    • Send first semester grades to the law schools via the Transcript Request Form to CAS.
  4. February-April: Wait...
  5. April 1
    • Visit schools to which you have been accepted.
    • As you receive decisions, decide whether you need to submit additional applications or investigate additional options.
    • Update schools at which you have been wait listed or have not heard from yet on your latest GPA, any honors, senior thesis, etc.
    • Visit schools to which you have been admitted; attend classes, speak with current students; receive Alumni Questionnaires; compare financial aid packages.