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Research Guides

Environmental Science: Selected Websites

Things to Think about When Evaluating Sources

Quick Set of Questions
  • Who is behind the information?
  • What is the evidence?
  • What do other sources say?
Additional Questions
  • What website is the source part of? What is the purpose and audience of that website?
  • What information can you find about the overall website/organization elsewhere (from other websites)?
  • Who wrote it?  What are the author's credentials?
  • Where did the author get the information they present in the source? And is the science accurately conveyed? 
  • Is the information in the source recent/up-to-date? 
  • What are the overall strengths or limitations?

Google Search Tips

  • Search a specific site or domain.  Type in your normal search terms, then site:___.  For example:
    • ​gluten-free  (To search government websites)
    • gluten-free site:  (To search The New York Times website)
  • Search for an exact phrase.  Put the phrase in quotation marks.  For example:
    • "gluten-free diet"

Find more Google search tips from UTSA Libraries.

Government Agency Websites

Ecosystems and the Environment



Other Useful Websites

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