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Art History: Find Books

A guide to the best Art History resources in Geisel Library and online.

Search Library Catalog

Library Catalog

Use this box to search the Geisel Library catalog for books and other materials in the library collection.

Other Places to Find Books

Finding Books in the Library

Fine Arts books are located on the Upper Level, and in the Oversized section on the Lower Level of the library, in the following call number sections. The call numbers are designated in the Library of Congress Classification system.

  • Graffiti - GT3912-GT3913
  • Visual arts - N1-N9211 (including architecture, decorative arts, drawing, painting, prints, sculpture)
    • Art History - N5300-N7418 
  • Architecture - NA1-NA9428
  • Sculpture - NB1-NB1952
  • Drawing. Design. Illustration - NC1-NC1940
  • Painting - ND25-ND3416
    • Street art - ND2590
  • Print media - NE1-NE3002
  • Decorative arts - NK1-NK9990
  • Arts in general - NX1-NX820   
  • Photography - TR1-TR1050


Search by Subject

You may want to search by Subject in either Library Catalog or WorldCat to see the available books on a particular broadly-defined topic.  Try any of the following subject headings:

  • Aesthetics
  • Art, modern
  • Art - technique
  • Artists' materials
  • Architecture
  • Computer art
  • Digital art
  • Drawing
  • Name of Artist (last name first)
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Pigments
  • Pottery
  • Sculpture
  • Symbolism in art