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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Tutorial: Introduction



This tutorial will teach you about Saint Anselm College's expectations of its students regarding academic integrity, with a particular focus on how to avoid committing plagiarism. Although it's designed to support lessons about plagiarism in freshman English classes, this tutorial can serve as a valuable resource for all students.

After working through this tutorial, you should be able to answer the following:

  1. Why is academic integrity so important?
  2. What are the various ways in which a student can commit plagiarism?
  3. How can you tell what needs to be cited and what doesn't?
  4. How can you organize your research to help you avoid plagiarizing?
  5. When writing a paper, how can you refer to the words and ideas of others without plagiarizing them?

Although we encourage you to read through the entire tutorial, you can also use the Tabs at the top of the page and the Prev / Next Links at the bottom of the page to navigate to topics of interest.

The tutorial was created by Meg Cronin (Associate Professor, English Department) and Jeff Waller (former Head of Reference Services, Geisel Library) in August 2010. All rights reserved. Last updated November 17, 2015.