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Tests & Measures: Tests in Articles

Search for Tests in Scholarly Journal Articles

Search for Tests in Scholarly Journal Articles

While many scholarly articles describe studies conducted with particular tests, they do not usually include the test itself. But you can still find information about the tests (such as test author and contact, and interpretation of results) in the literature by searching the databases in this guide.

Searching for tests in PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES is the same. Type in the name of the test and select TM Test and Measures in the drop down menu.

To find information about a test, type in the name of the test. 

To search for articles using a specific test or measure, select Test and Measure from the search box drop down and enter in the name of the test. 

For example: Big Five Inventory

Click the "Look up Test & measures" link to search or browse through the lists of tests mentioned in articles in the PILOTS database.

To search for tests and measures on a topic type in the topic and the term(s) questionnaires, psychological tests, or psychometrics outcome.

For example: Implicit Association and Questionnaires.

To search for information about a specific test, type in the name of the test. 

For example: Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding

Medline uses special subject classification headings called MeSH.

Useful MESH headings include: Questionnaires, Psychological tests, Psychometrics, Aptitude tests, Neuropsychological tests, and Personality tests.

Type a MeSH heading and select SU Subject in the drop down to narrow your search. 

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