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Research Guides

Marketing: Companies

Where can you find information on a company's strengths and weaknesses, operations & supply chain, merchandising and pricing, marketing strategy and more? Be sure to follow these steps.

Search your company's shopping & corporate web sites and the links listed below to find these resources:

  • SEC Annual Form 10-K filing or similar government filing - Provides information on operations, marketing and organization.
  • Annual Report to Stockholders, including President's Letter - May provide information about marketing efforts and corporate strategy.
  • CEO Interviews, conference calls & press releases - Provides updates on strategy.
  • Articles about the company & its operations

When searching company websites, look for "Corporate" or "Investor Relations" links to access the most recent year/s annual reports and SEC filings. 


Search the databases below for company and industry articles on operations, supply chain, target markets, advertising, pricing, merchandising, store design and more.

Search your company,product or industry and combine with terms, such as:
Pepsico and (market* or advertis*)
AND automobiles and hispanic*

*retrieves market, markets, marketing, marketed, etc.