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Gender Studies: Selected Websites

Governmental and NGO Publications & Statistics

Governments and non-governmental organizations publish relevant research reports, statistics, and other information. These types of publications can be harder to find than journal articles, but the following tips can help you out:

  • Consider what types of organizations are concerned with the topic (e.g. Amnesty International, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization). Do some Google searching if you don't know any by name (e.g. women's research institutes).
  • If you're researching a topic related to a specific geographic area, find the local and state government websites. Search or browse the websites to find the relevant department(s) related to your topic.
  • In a Google search, add site:org filetype:pdf to your keywords to search only PDF files from .org websites, which is how organizations and institutions are likely to publish their research reports.

Scholarly Research

Women's History

Men's Studies


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