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EN105 First-Year Writing - All Sections

In groups, evaluate the resource you’ve been assigned and answer these questions:

  • What is it? Newspaper article, magazine article, book chapter, book, website
  • Do you think this is a credible source? Explain your answer, why or why not.
  • When do you think it’s appropriate to use your source, e.g. as supporting evidence for an academic paper, to support a point your making in a discussion with a friend, etc.
  • Be prepared to share your work.

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In groups, use the search engine on the library’s home page to find a source related to the first source you evaluated. Make sure it’s credible and you could use it for a research paper for this class.

  • Add a link to the guide under your original source.
  • What type of source is this and why is it credible?
  • How would you use it in a paper, e.g. what info does it provide for you?
  • Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

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