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History: United States: Intro

A guide to the best U.S. history resources in Geisel Library and online.


This guide will introduce you to the best resources for doing research in United States history, both in the library and online.

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Confederate Troops Threaten Washington, D.C.

Two battles were fought during the first part of July 1864 to repulse a Confederate advance under Lt. Gen. Jubal Early towards Washington.
The first, the Battle of Monocacy on July 9, featured a small Union force commanded by Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace (who later wrote the novel Ben-Hur). Wallace was defeated but delayed the Confederates long enough for additional Union troops to reinforce the defenses of Washington.
The second battle was fought at Fort Stevens and other fortifications on the outskirts of Washington on July 11 and 12.  Lincoln himself watched the battle from Fort Stevens, and was targeted by Confederate sharpshooters.  The strengthened Union defenders succeeded in driving off Early's troops, and they retreated back across the Potomac.


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