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Government Publications: Intro

How to find US, state, and international government publications in Geisel Library and online.

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      Federal Depository

      Geisel Library participates in the Federal Depository Library Program.

      Why Use Government Publications

      Government publications offer authoritative and timely information that can enhance your research.  Here are examples of how they can help you:

      • Primary documents such as Senate committee reports, Supreme Court decisions, and transcripts of Congressional debates can provide important perspectives on hot policy debates
      • The U.S. federal government's numerous agencies (such as the EPA, Census Bureau, and FBI) produce reports and statistics touching on the economy, health, environment, and social issues
      • State governments such as New Hampshire's publish documents with a more local concentration, including statistical studies of crime and education trends
      • Organizations like the United Nations, European Union, and the World Bank issue publications on international concerns such as poverty, global security, and women's rights

      Search Government Websites

      Here's a good place to start. searches across United States federal and state government websites. logo

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