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Department Chair Resources: Resources

A guide to useful library and online resources to support the needs of department chairs.

Useful Books

Selected Websites

Quick Tips and Practical Advice (Jossey-Bass)
Concise answers to questions commonly asked by dept chairs.  You can also sign up for their free e-newsletter, The Department Chair Insider.

Helpful Links for Department Chairs (Univ of Kentucky)
A bibliography of helpful books and articles organized by topic, plus some links to web-based resources.

Useful Journals

Department Chair

This journal provides focused coverage on issues faced by academic department chairs.  You can browse by issue or search within the publication.


Other journals and newsletters with relevant articles:


Academic Leader


Chronicle of Higher Education

Finding Journal Articles

Education Research Complete

Search this database for useful journal articles.  Try the following search:
(department OR academic) AND chair* AND x

...where x is a keyword relating to a topic of interest, such as mentor*, communicat*, leadership, budget*, or curricul*.

[Note that the asterisk helps to find variations on the root word.  For instance, chair* will find chair, chairs, chairman, chairperson, etc.]

Selected Articles

Below are articles about specific issues relating to the role of department chair.

Enneking, Eugene A. (2003).  Preparing the Department BudgetACE Department Chair Online Resource Center.

Conflict Management
Matz, David. (2007).  The Chair's Role in Resolving Departmental ConflictDepartment Chair.

Stark, Joan S., Briggs, Charlotte L., and Rowland-Paplowski, Jean. (2002).  Curriculum Leadership Roles of Chairpersons in Continuously Planning DepartmentsResearch in Higher Education.

Faculty Performance
Higgerson, Mary Lou. (1999). Performance Counseling: The Cornerstone of Professional DevelopmentACE Department Chair Online Resource Center.

Buller, Jeffrey. (2009).  The Chair as Campus LeaderDepartment Chair.

Lynch, Christopher O. (2011).  Conducting a Department Meeting: The Facilitator ChairDepartment Chair.

Olmstead, Marjorie. (1993).  Mentoring New Faculty: Advice to Department ChairsCSWP Gazette.

Gould, Christopher. (2010).  The Chair as Coach and Referee in Tenure ApplicationsDepartment Chair.