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Course Guide Archive: Archive

Archive of Geisel Guides created for past courses.

Course Guide Archive

BI102 - General Biology II (for Non-Majors)

BI104 - General Biology II (for Majors)

BI338 - Invertebrate Biology

CH100 - Integrated Sciences (Ed. Majors)

CH110 - Principles of Physical Science

CH111 - Principles of Physical Science II

CH120 - Chemistry and Society I

CH128 - General Chemistry I (Eyet)

CH130 - General Chemistry I

CH130 - General Chemistry I (Parodi)

CH131 - General Chemistry II

CH131 - Scientific Misconduct

CH260 - Environmental Chemistry

CH420 - Research and Seminar

Computer Science

CS101 - Digital Literacy


Criminal Justice

 CJ101 - Intro to CJ Systems (Prof. Humphrey)

CJ224 - Police and Society

CJ320 - Wrongful Conviction


Economics & Business
EC244 - Economics of Industrial Organization

EC250 - Environmental Economics

EC262 - Investments

EC323 - Seminar in Business

EC341 - Seminar in Economics

EC342 - Econometrics



ED130 - Principles of Teaching and Learning

ED322 - Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity

ED340 - Curriculum and Assessment

ED350 - Children's Literature

ED350 - Integrating Technology

ED375 - Methods of Teaching Reading


EN103 - Freshman English (Gwen)

EN103 - Prof Baker

EN103 - Freshman English (Prof. DePino)

EN104 - Prof. Baker

EN104 - Prof. Bouchard

EN104 - Prof. Brown

EN104 - Prof. Cavelos

EN104 - Prof. Contarino

EN104 - Prof. Cronin

EN104 - Prof. Deleault

EN104 - Prof. DePino

EN104 - Prof. Gleason

EN104 - Prof. Lafleur

EN104 - Prof. Magnuson

EN104 - Prof. Malieckal

EN104 - Prof. Michaels

EN104 - Prof. Miller

EN104 - Prof. Norton

EN104 - Prof. Quaratiello

EN104 - Prof. Russell

EN104 - Prof. Sherlock

EN104 - Prof. Thorn

EN104 - Prof. Williams


Fine Arts
FAH110 - Intro to Architecture

FAH214 - Renaissance Art

FAH212 - Art & Architecture of the Middle Ages

FAH315 - Michelangelo and His World

FAH490 - Senior Seminar


HI100 - Intro to History

HI315 - The Renaissance

HI317 - Medieval Spain

HI326 - Modern Britain

HI327 - Early Modern France

HI333 - Europe Since 1945

HI374 - Native Americans

HI374 - Terrorism in America


HU101 - Humanities Seminar I (Prof. Lavoie)

HU102 - Humanities Seminar (Prof. Bentz)

HU102 - Humanities Seminar (Prof. Brown)

HU102 - Humanities Seminar (Prof. Lavoie)

Modern Languages & Literatures
FR350 - Survey of French Literature

MU242 - Studies in Film Music

MU243 - Studies in Jazz History

PH107 - Ethics

PH450 - Philosophy Seminar: Justice

PH467 - Dante Studies


PO102 - American Government

PO104 - Comparative Politics (Br. Isaac)

PO211 - Executive Branch Politics

PO248 - Public Policy Process

PO275 - Human Rights

PO358 - American Political Thought

PO446 - New Hampshire Primary

PO446 - Public Opinion


PY102 - General Psychology II

PY210 - Cross-Cultural Psychology

PY302 - Experimental Psychology I

PY303 - Experimental Psychology II

PY309 - Problems in Contemporary Psych.


SO330 - Race and Ethnic Relations

SO333 - Sociology of Genocide

SO344 - Political Sociology

SO351 - Sociology of the Middle East


TH401 - Seminar on Happiness and Virtue

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