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Book Reviews: Intro

How to find book reviews in the library's online resources.

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      Why Use Book Reviews?

      Book reviews can be very useful in the research process. They provide a summary of the book's contents, comparisons to other books in the field, and critical evaluation of the work. This can help you determine whether a book is worth investigating as part of your research, or worth obtaining via Interlibrary Loan.

      If you don't have specific books in mind, you can look for recent book reviews on a topic of interest, to help you pinpoint the best-quality or most relevant new books on your research topic.  Do a Keyword search on one or more words related to your topic, and (if possible) limit the document/publication type to "Book Review" or "Review".

      Since most reviews appear within two years of a book's publication, use the "limit by year" feature available in most journal databases to narrow your search to that two-year window.  To determine a book's year of publication, search the Library Catalog or WorldCat.

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