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Humanities After School: Welcome

About this Guide

Welcome to your 'Humanities After School' library guide!  Please become familiar with the content within the tabs above and use the info provided when you need it. The first few tabs will point you to appropriate books and articles.  Next there is a tab with content that will help you with your team bibliography. This is a very important step in preparing your presentations. Another tab will provide information on evaluating websites.

Nancy "Sam" Urtz

Reference Librarian
Geisel Library
Saint Anselm College

Using Saint Anselm College Library Materials

Library books and journals are for use only by Saint Anselm College students and by researchers such as yourselves who sign into the library system while visiting our campus. Therefore, while here on Mondays, you should make the most of your time by consulting library resources rather than internet search engines like Google. Your student mentors and I will assist you in locating, copying, printing and emailing useful materials from the Geisel Library's collections. I look forward to working with you all during the coming year!

Using Manchester City Library Materials

 Please also remember that the Manchester City Library  - located at 405 Pine Street and 76 N. Main Street -  is also here to serve you. They have a very large collection of biographical material and can help you too.  If you do not yet have a library card, I encourage you to get one (bring proof of residency).


Using Manchester School District Library Materials

English Language Learner Reference Center (ELLRC)
This multi-purpose information resource is designed for middle and high school students and anyone that is new to the English language. Check to see if there is useful information there about your portraits.

To access ELLRC, please contact your school's ELL coordinator or your school librarian.  id: MWHS  pass:  library

Your Librarian

Nancy "Sam" Urtz
Geisel Library - Saint Anselm College

100 Saint Anselm Drive

Manchester, NH 03102